03 May, 2010

A Dry, Dry April

But flowers may bloom in the desert even after the longest drought. Hasn't been much news to relate, so I thought I'd share what I've been working on--now that I have the time to do something other than work on it!

My first project consisted of a research essay into James Joyce's Ulysses and traditions of novelistic realism. The argument: Joyce's work represents both the explosion and peak of realistic writing coming out of and away from the well-known traditions of Victorian writers. Joyce's experience of the world is arguably different from traditional narrative conceptions, shown through his use of metonymy and metaphor in creating his imaginative referential self-image through the characters of Stephen, Bloom, and Molly. Lots of fun there.

Second project, self-discovery through travel in High Victorian adventure fiction and travel narratives. H. Rider Haggard's novel She explores masculine anxieties with the decline of empire, powerful women, and homosocial desire. Charlotte Bronte's Villette challeges ideas of propriety for women's education and travel, and explores an alternate type of homecoming for her autobiographical narrator.

Third, the relationship between the material concerns of publishing and the literary form of three-decker or serial publication of novels in the mid-19th century.

Now I'm doing a presentation on Jonathan Swift's satire and pamphleteering as political leverage. Awesome.

So, good times over here in foggy London!

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