11 March, 2010

Best Map Ever


Eremita said...

On Wisconsin!

Cassady said...

We were just looking at this before you posted it!

I actually think it may be misleading. For example:
I know that Portland has waaaaay more bars than many cities of comparable size. However, this is simply balanced out on the map because there's also a huge focus on the local market and organic food specialty stores.

We just live in an area without a proliferation of markets, rather than an absurd proliferation of bars. At least, I think it's a workable hypothesis.

spencer said...

Actually, if you look closer I think that Portland is a red dot on the map, as are nearly all large cities.

Besides, I don't think there is a proliferation of specialty stores in rural Texas.

Wisconsin is just that perfect blend of unsophisticated taste in food and alcoholism.