22 October, 2009

This is just too much...

I couldn't believe that someone went ahead and did it. They made a full-scale MMORTS centered around Obama-hate.

Actually, I'm not hip to the real ins and outs of the game, and I have no intention of ever approaching it. I follow a good bit of online gaming news, and had heard of many small time attempts at Obama-bashing games, but never on this level until now.

The creators claim it's not all about hating Obama and thwarting his imaginary coup, because they're releasing a scenario about hunting down Bush in Texas soon. Turns out they're Ron Paul worshippers, and in the midst of the battle raging for the heart and soul of America, Paul is the cool and not un-Messianic voice of reason about to be elected president. The creators are remaining low-key, however, afraid of a violent backlash no doubt.

Sometimes all one can do is shake one's head and "close current tab."

UPDATE: Here's the link to the site carrying this odd duck: http://www.usofearth.com/


Elliot said...

I saw this recently and was very tempted to set up an account and play...I do love catastrophic counterfactuals.

But in seriousness, this is the basic view of Paulites, radical libertarians, and radical federalists. That the vast majority of what the federal government does represents a vast conspiracy on the part of elites to destroy the constitution that has driven us to the point of political implosion. Add to that perennial male fantasies about heroic violent resistance, and it all gets a little scary.

spencer said...

This is bizarre. The fact that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh feature prominently and not, say, Ben Bernanke, make me skeptical that it's Paulites behind this.