02 September, 2009

I can't wait to erase MY past!

Came across this little tidbit and had a good laugh.

Then I got to thinking, since I am rapidly approaching the age where (apparently) my past actions and statements apply to me, ought I to start watching my butt a little closer? Heading off to grad school, I now plan to formulate my thesis around the most inflammatory body of critical literature I can find, enter politics, and then protest that my thinking when I wrote my thesis was purely an "academic excercise." Perhaps that's the key to glossing over any past mistake, play it off that you were simply playing devil's advocate for the sake of the argument!

In other news, I'm glad all those videos of me will no longer apply once I reach 25!


Elliot said...

seriously, you better keep that thesis anodyne. no analysis of class oppression in the works of milton for you.

Eremita said...

but it was an analysis of BRITISH class oppression.

but yeah, no milton.

spencer said...

We absolutely need a clean candidate. You can write your thesis on the use of indefinite articles in "Moby Dick".