13 August, 2009

Non-profit Investigative Journalism

With a little prompt from Eremita, I'd like to share something you may or may not know about that I was introduced to via WPR a few days ago.

It appears that investigative reporting isn't entirely an extinct art form, as Mother Jones Magazine adroitly points out. From what I can tell after only a few days avid reading, they take great care and pride in being as fact-based as possible in their large articles, like this one, something of an expose' of the Fiji Water corporation. Elliot--many of the articles read very similar to Harper's, in my mind.

Their blogs are blogs, contributed to by many on their staff, and deal with the issues many of the big name blogs already do. Still, they're worth a look.

On the whole, I'd say they lean a little to the left, with pieces decrying our favorite conservative talkingheads. However, once in awhile they seem to take a bite out of the left--however tenatively.

I leave it to you to decide.

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