05 July, 2009

Power to the People

Walking home from the Boston/Cambridge fireworks tonight, a curious phenomenon emerged as Mass. Ave. was commandeered by thousands of pedestrians. The street wasn't officially blocked off to vehicles and as we walked, cars attempted to merge in from cross-streets. The police attempted to halt foot traffic to allow cars to pass--hundreds of people simultaneously realized how idiotic it was to prevent thousands from getting home to allow the few poor souls who decided to drive to escape. One particularly new-looking white BMW was stuck in the middle of the resulting throng. The couple inside probably sat there for the next half hour, enduring sneers and barbs from the passing hordes. A harsh punishment? Perhaps, but you have to ask what kind of douche drives to fireworks that are accessible from about ten subway stations? (And what kind of an asshole drives his BMW into a crowd of people?)

We held the street until Central Square, where the standard social order--cars above people, always and forever--resumed.

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Elliot said...

you hippies and your lawless shenanigans.