23 July, 2009

America Trusts Jon Stewart

Apparently, with the passing of Walter Cronkite, Jon Stewart is now the "most trusted name in news." This came as a huge surprise to me. (Nevermind that the Time poll may or may not be all that credible.) I was vaguely aware that a large percentage of young people in the U.S. get their news from The Daily Show, but I wouldn't have assumed that those young people (a) trust their ability to filter Stewart's sarcastic and sometimes fictionalized accounts from the facts enough to "trust" him, and (b) make up a large enough group of news-watchers to sway the poll numbers in most U.S. states.

If only the poll had included Anderson Cooper (or Robert Siegel! - but perhaps radio doesn't count).


spencer said...

What's up with Montana and Tennessee?

Cassady said...

I don't really believe that Stewart beats out a Cooper, or even a Blitzer in some arenas.

I think this is more representative of the fact that 9409 young people are more likely to take an online poll than the vast majority of newswatchers.