10 June, 2009

Tragedy at the Holocaust Museum

You probably have heard about this already. Awful news today as a crazy white supremacist/anti-semite/serial holocaust-denier opened fire at the Holocaust Museum, killing a guard.

Implications are already being discussed, and many are mentioning the Department of Homeland Security report warning about a possible increase in right-wing domestic terrorism. Widely pilloried at the time, it seems more than a bit reasonable to raise concerns after several acts of right-wing terrorism in such a short period.

An interesting clip on the matter from Shep Smith at Fox News:

As a former email-reading bitch in a US Senate office, I can back him up here. The one he read on air was on the coherent, well-reasoned side of most of what came in, although none I read threatened violence. These people are really scared, really angry, and really, really stupid.

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