04 June, 2009

Obama's speech

The full video below for those who missed it:

You should watch the whole thing. It is pretty vintage Obama: that sometimes uneasy mix of careful nuance and soaring rhetoric, and that now-commonplace effort to elucidate complications rather than deny them that can make listening to Obama unsatisfying for ideologues on both sides. He seemed to revel in delivering a strong defense of Israel in front of the Cairene crowd, though he paired it with an equally unequivocal statement condemning further settlement activity.

As usual, the Daily Dish is unparalleled in gathering reactions from around the web and around the world, from Hamas to Haaretz. Some important context for the timing of the speech: Iranian elections will be held on June 10, with incumbent hardliner Ahmedinjad facing the reformist (and former Prime Minister) Mousavi.

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