14 June, 2009

Mike Pence is an idiot

And not even the useful kind. There has already been some commentary on how the events in Iran will affect American intentions of sustained, productive engagement and general detente. I think that's an open question dependent on how events unfold, and in the meantime the Obama administration is taking the correct approach by reiterating its intention for engagement.

But here comes Mike Pence (R-IN) arguing on CNN that the Obama needs to stop "apologizing" and explicitly throw his weight behind the Mousavi camp. This would be profoundly stupid. The narrative of the Islamic Republic is based on a set of grievances against the meddling of the United States in Iranian affairs. It appears that reformers are well aware of the danger of appearing to be American proxies, and especially given the extremely delicate nature of the current situation, an "Obama intervention" could swing momentum back to the hardliners. It is a delicate line, because we should sympathize with the dissenters, and we should hope that the regime fails - but this will only happen due to the efforts of Iranians and the internal contradiction of the regime. As citizens we can sympathize, but to avoid a backlash and to ensure that we will be able to work with whomever comes out on top, our government must remain officially aloof.

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