05 April, 2009

Sunday reads

Humanism, new and old.

Wikipedia as a city.

A friend of a friend live-blogging the intersection of modern Spain and ancient Christianity during Semana Santa.

And, what I'm making for brunch today. (Full recipe here.)


spencer said...

Bittman's mispronunciation of "tortillita" is charming...

Cassady said...

That whole process: surprisingly simple and entirely appetizing!

How did it turn out for you? (do you have gas or electric stove?)

Eremita said...

"this is the most beautiful thing I've seen"!

cooks are hot. just sayin'.

Elliot said...

it actually turned out really well, which is surprising for a couple of reasons. first, i didn't have chickpea flour so i just used a cup of regular multi-purpose stuff. it probably alters the taste, but it still tasted good.

second, i made too much batter for too small of a pan, and so my tortillita was more like a tortillón. as a result it was thicker than Bittman's and not as crispy, but again, tasted fine and cooked all the way through.

third, i decided to try flipping it the way he does, which i've never tried before. great success! and way less messy than transferring to a plate and back.

i have an electric (boo) but it worked fine.

also, i had some "maya citrus salsa" (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/08/dining/081mrex.html?em) left over from the previous night's dinner, and so I topped my tortillita with that, and it was incredible. the combination of savory dough, fried shrimp, and the spicy citrus was perfect, and made the whole thing feel more breakfast-y.

Cassady said...

On a whim after reading this, I picked up some chickpea flour tonight, and tried this two ways.

I added green onions, thyme, and mushrooms for Guadalupe's, and then some chopped some Alaskan pollock into mine after splitting the batter.

Like yours, Elliot, mine was thicker than Bittman's--I think my batter was a bit too thick. Defintely a good find, Elliot, we should play around with this recipe next time we're all together perhaps? I like the salsa idea a lot, especially a citrusy or fruity salsa.

spencer said...

We finally made this and it was just as delicious as advertised. I used half besan/half white flour with lots of scallions and cilantro with shrimp and a bit of cayenne. I definitely recommend thinning the batter a bit since the thicker ones were not as crispy and delicious. We topped it with mayonnaise mixed with paprika and lemon juice--not that any condiment is needed!