17 February, 2009


Yglesias points to the NRO's list of the "25 Best Conservative Movies." It's pretty funny that they claim "Ghostbusters" as a conservative movie and even funnier that they claim "Pursuit of Happyness" as a good movie. But Yglesias points out what is perhaps the most telling selection:

Isaac, meanwhile, likes any list that encourages people to go see The Lives of Others. And I agree, but we’re really defining conservatism down if we take “the pervasive intelligence state of Communist East Germany” to be a distinctly conservative notion. Perhaps more truly typical of the conservative worldview is that after Lives of Others comes in at the number one slot, The Dark Knight takes position number twelve specifically because of its alleged advocacy of pervasive surveillance.
That is to say, the conservative movement has no coherency whatsoever. What will become of them?

(Not to mention that nearly all of their films were made by liberals. Perhaps they're engaging in a bit of overinterpretation?)

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Eremita said...

Did they watch the end of the movie?