19 January, 2009

I don't see the resemblance...or do I?

Heard on MSNBC this morning: Analyst refers to Obama being the Dr. Huxtable of the nation. That's it. No real explanation.

However, having recently received all 8 historic seasons of the Cosby Show in one glorious boxed set, I'm beginning to see some similarities, and much like Cliff's feel-good antics, it makes me giggle a bit.

Bill Cosby said of his long-running sitcom that he just wanted to make a show where the parents had taken the home back. Some of you will remember such quips as, "I want you to go upstairs...and kill that boy," or "Chocolate cake! This is HEALTH FOOD!"

Could Obama be just what the doctor ordered? A family man who takes the lessons of child-rearing to Washington and turns political turmoil into easily resolvable half-hour segments with an enjoyable laugh track to bring the viewers at home closer to the action?

I, for one, relish the thought.

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