31 January, 2009

Good news

Doesn't make headlines as they say. But this is unequivocally good news: Samantha Power is getting a senior staff position at the National Security Council. For those who don't know what the NSC is/does (and I didn't before I took a class on it...), the NSC is the most elite foreign policy-making group in the White House. It consists of the President's cabinet as well as specially designated Senior Advisers, and it is the principle forum in which Presidents hash out foreign policy decisions. Thus, who serves in the NSC will tell you a lot about what kind of thinking is getting directly to Obama on daily basis. And Power is both brilliant and, more importantly, creative. As Spencer Ackerman says, "If you want someone who refuses to accept the facile boundaries of stale foreign policy debates, you hire Power."

Here are her writings: "A Problem from Hell", on the problem of genocide in foreign policy, and "Chasing the Flame", a history of the UN as told through the story of one of its most intrepid diplomats.

Also, she's Irish.

Also, she has a blog!

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