19 January, 2009

Finally, America's got swagger... we're cool now.

Oprah is filming from D.C. this week because of Obama's inauguration. All the famous people with her had lots of great things to say about the force that MLK had put in motion to get us to that dreamy day tomorrow, as well as the force we can put in motion today for the coming years.

Will.i.am has teamed up with music producer David Foster to create America's Song. Included in the performance is Faith Hill, Bono, Seal and Mary J. Bilge. Oprah's website has the download available for free until 5 tomorrow. Enjoy!

p.s. the title is the statement Justin Timberlake made when Obama was elected...or at least what he was feeling.


Elliot said...

You mean...we're cool again!

Guadalupe said...

JT's...err, I mean Justin's words, not mine.

But I do share the sentiment that we have reason to hold our heads high...again.