22 December, 2008

Matthew Yglesias

Has officially had his bloggular testicles removed.


Cassady said...

Wow, this was apparently bad enough that I don't even get to read the original post any more.

I was, however, really intrigued by the scope of comments made in reaction. Many people responded directly to Yglesias' apparent slight, while many more expressed disgust with the fact that his parent group felt they had to cut him off because of a little disagreement. "Thin-skinned" was the comment about Third Way that appealed to me most.

Elliot said...

I'll put up a post with the original post. But the real problem here - beyond an insult to one individual - is the the smell of purging the progressive community to keep it within predetermined lines. Let's learn from the Republicans and most of the media how stupid echo chambers make otherwise bright people.

higgy said...

I don't see the problem here.

The idealists out there are making the case that this is an infringement on Yglesias' supposed freedom to say whatever he wants to in "his" blog. But isn't he paid by CAP? Doesn't CAP have its own agenda?

Yglesias has already mentioned a number of times that he cannot endorse or chastise particular political figures under the terms of his position at CAP, so is this anything new? If nothing else, I think that everyone reading his blog understood that what was said needed to be said for bureaucratic reasons and not to censor Yglesias.