02 November, 2008

Movie Review: "W"

High on entertaining, low on profundity. Cheney was so-so. Condi and Colin Powell were both over the top. Laura Bush was charming, and Papa Bush was by far the most interesting character. Josh Brolin as W was hilarious - he clearly spent some time watching Bush's greatest hits. That said, the movie could have been even better if they could have snagged Will Ferrell:


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higgy said...

I was split on the movie. The caricature depiction of all the characters just didn't sit right with me (Powell, Rice, actually everyone except Laura and George, Sr.). I would be interested to know if Bush was ever that dependent on alcohol, and if his devotion to a born-again lifestyle is really that real.

"W" succeeded on a few fronts, though.

(i) It highlighted the father/son relationship.
(ii) It depicted Colin Powell as the only player with moral integrity.

These sub-themes were what made the movie interesting and not simply laughable.