06 November, 2008

Voting and Demographics

It's pretty much common knowledge that country-folk tend to vote Republican and city-slickers tend to vote Democrat, but I found that comparing this year's election results to a map of the U.S. population density by county really gives this idea some substance.

The comparison isn't perfect for a lot of reasons, but it certainly isn't terrible. The Ohio River seems to contain high levels of anti-progressive minerals, accounting for Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky (a bit must have leaked down into Tennessee, as well). New Mexico has Bill Richardson, Colorado had the convention, and Texas is Texas. Other than that, not too shabby. There must be something about living near other people that helps you understand what works and what doesn't work in society.

And let me just say, I'm really proud of Wisconsin.


Guadalupe said...

Hig, there is no key to go with the second map. I assume dark blue is the most densely populated?

Eremita said...

Go WI! Look, WI're the largest bluest state!

higgy said...

Yes Guadalupe, it is on a blue-yellow scale, with blue being the most densely populated, and yellow (or white) being the least densely populated.