23 November, 2008

David Brooks, Schizophrenic

Word on the street is that Larry Summers will be appointed to head the National Economic Council, the body that coordinates economic policy in the White House and between executive departments. Another heartening pick from Obama.

But David Brooks isn't happy about Obama's picks. Also, he is happy about them.

And yet as much as I want to resent these overeducated Achievatrons (not to mention the incursion of a French-style government dominated by highly trained Enarchs), I find myself tremendously impressed by the Obama transition.
(Now it's "overeducated" for the President's economic advisers to have Ph.D.'s in economics?) See, Brooks resents competency. Just who do these people think they are with their fancy degrees and their management skills and their grasp of good policymaking? But boy is he glad that they're taking over the country, because what if we had that hick Sarah Palin in office?

And he writes this without a hint of irony:
Any think tanker can come up with broad doctrines, but it is rare to find people who can give the president a list of concrete steps he can do day by day to advance American interests.
I hate David Brooks. And love him.


Mberenis said...

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Elliot said...

mostly hate. i love that staffing your cabinet with experts is somehow "french-style". ah the narratives that will not die.