22 November, 2008

Barack Delano Obama

The President-Elect signals in his weekly address that he is going to go big with his economic stimulus:

The debate on stimulus seems to be between the minimalists - thinking no doubt about the political optics of spending more money at this juncture - that want in the range of $200-300 billion or even less, and the Krugmans that argue that to be effective we must spend more in the range of $600-800 billion (5-6% of GDP rather than 2-3%). Obama seems to be coming down on the higher end here, which is heartening, but it looks like we won't see the numbers quite yet.

Also, I know its cliche, but I'm optimistic for these YouTube addresses to become fireside-chat like in their impact. I for one woke up this morning looking forward to hearing our next president's take on the situation. On the other hand, Bush gives a radio address every week (as did Clinton, I imagine) and no one gives a shit. We'll see.

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spencer said...

Let's just hope the economy holds out until January 20th or 21st...