17 October, 2008

A Healthy Democracy

I firmly believe that the health of any organism is determined by how easily he/she/it can laugh at his/her/its own beliefs and pretensions. So last night's Al Smith dinner, where McCain and Obama made fun of each other and themselves was, I hope, a healing moment. Think about how easily McCain and Obama joke about owning seven houses, or "pal-ing around with terrorists" and then think about the millions of people who take these accusations with deadly seriousness. Cognitive dissonance? (Much like George W. Bush joking about the missing Iraqi WMD at the White House Correspondents' dinner...wait, except that was real.)

Here it is:

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higgy said...

McCain was funnier for two reasons. His creepy smile is perfect for delivering jokes about himself, and his campaign is already a joke, so he doesn't have to be creative to make it depressingly funny.

Props to both of them for showing up and participating. Both of them understand the big picture of politics, even if their devout followers sometimes don't.