18 September, 2008

Reflections on the Culture Wars

A couple more nuanced (than David Brooks, say) pieces on the "culture war" from Tim Burke. One is more historical and the other is personal:

It’s hard for me to pin the Scarlet Letter E for Egghead to my chest and beg apology for knowing things, or reading literature, or liking the heirloom tomatoes I grow in my backyard, or any of the things that compose my professional and personal being. It’s hard for me to see myself as some growling, powerful elite who daily intrudes upon the private lives of a humble family of church-goers in the heartland and forces them to watch pornography while I turn their children into Marxoislamicist transsexuals.
Of course there is no "growling, powerful elite" and neither is there a silent majority of hick Evangelicals that shoot moose every weekend. These are mere political constructions. So as satisfying as it may be to get all riled up for your side of the culture war--don't waste your energy.

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