01 September, 2008

The Palin Experience

I always love it when journalists let you know that they know they're not getting an answer. Watch this McCain campaign spokesman squirm under Campbell Brown's scrutiny. Looking forward to more of these fumbles.


Cassady said...

"Command military experience?"

What CME, as I just now decided I like to call it, does John McCain have? The experience where he commanded his military plane into enemy bullets? John McCain spent his military career taking orders, not giving them, nor did he from any strategy or operational procedure. He was a pilot. That's all.

Watching this video, after watching the previous videos of Scarborough out-shouting reasonable questions and repeating his bluster for over nine minutes, has filled me with the giggles of a renewed fury at the absurd inability of people I now consider my opposition to hold a rational discussion of differences or even answer a simple question.

That was a tiring sentence, I'm going to go watch the RNC.

Cassady said...

He can't just come up with one tiny little executive or command decision that she's made?

It's like they are unable to answer a question without making it a negative comparison of Obama, because they know that they're really running on nothing.

spencer said...

I think this illustrates the absurdity of the concept of "experience" in the first place. It's supposed to be some melange of knowledge of the issues, knowledge of people and places, and the ability to make tough decisions. But it tends to boil down to "how many years in executive office do you have", which doesn't really make sense. You can gain knowledge any number of ways. And even legislators make tough decisions from time to time.