06 September, 2008

Matt Yglesias: DEBASER!

See here:

Slicin’ Up Eyeballs

Having a frustrating air travel situation (managed, after some difficulty, to get myself booked on a red eye back to DC that I’m pretty sure is going to wind up getting canceled) but sitting around at the gate I stumbled across the “Debaser” video for the first time and it kinda cheered me up:

Meanwhile, tribute albums are lame, but I think Where Is My Mind? A Tribute to the Pixies is actually quite good. Still, a couple of weeks ago I was talking to someone who referred to “Alec Eiffel” as a Get-Up Kids song and there’s really no excuse for that.
If he happened to be taking shots of tequila at the time...

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Elliot said...

yay! I was going to note this as well. When I first scanned the post, I had a thrill as I thought he was linking to us...but this is pretty good too.