26 September, 2008

Let's get it on!

After much debate and deliberation, the Official Rules for the Friday Night Debate Night Drinking Extravaganza have been set in stone.

For tonight's spectacle, shots will be awarded for the following eventualities:

1. Any mention of POW experience.
2. Utterance of the phrase, "my friends."
3. Use of the words "hope," "change," or "reform" from either candidate
4. Should Obama provide a nuanced or ambiguous answer (specific terms subject to house rules)
5. Use of the term "maverick" in relation to either McCain or Palin.

Furthermore, a house social shall occur in the following instances:

1. Direct reference to blatant lies in campaign ads.
2. Should the mediator burst into laughter after a candidate's response.

Finally, and perhaps of most importance, all liquor or malt beverage within the domecile must be consumed in the event that any exchange between the candidates results in blows.

Note that these are the official rules and any amendment to such must be passed by a majority vote of debasers. Now go stock up and get ready to rumble!


Elliot said...

Unfortunately for this exercise (though fortunate in a broader sense) I will be viewing the debate with my parents, who are not much given to shot taking.


Cassady said...

beer works just as well,as do martinis and high-balls