25 September, 2008

As I Predicted...

Some "news analysis" from the New York Times:

After Mr. McCain got out ahead of him Wednesday by publicly committing himself to help find a solution, Mr. Obama remained cautious, suggesting that he would not necessarily rush back to Washington or plunge into the negotiations himself. Still, Mr. McCain’s tactic focused attention on the two of them as the political leaders with the most power to get a deal completed.


Now the question is who will be seen as politicizing the issue, and who will come across as more presidential: Mr. McCain, with his decision to suspend campaigning and his striking call to delay the first of the debates, or Mr. Obama, with his warning that presidents must be able to multitask and that a dramatic return to Washington would “infuse Capitol Hill with presidential politics.”
No mention that Obama actually called McCain first, virtually nothing about the canceled debate, no speculation on McCain's preparedness for that debate nor anything about McCain's proposal to push Palin's debate back. And there's absolutely nothing about how Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have both told McCain (and Obama) to stay away from DC and keep presidential politics out of the negotiations for the bailout package. Far from that, the article makes it seem as though McCain and Obama are the new leaders of the negotiations. When in fact, there's already a revised bailout bill circulating on the Hill.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?

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