12 September, 2008

Are You Experienced?

I've been a little soft on Sarah Palin in previous posts, but this clip from her interview with Charlie Gibson is really really scary:

Anyone who could possibly be considered for the office of Vice-President should know what the Bush Doctrine is; it is the single most important fact about our foreign policy in the last seven years. And yes, she may know that Bush is in favor of pre-emptive strikes where other presidents were not [Hilzoy points out that the Bush doctrine is less about pre-emptive strikes and more about preventative war, which she fails to even mention. --ed], but she should know what that policy is called. When Gibson asks her if she hesitated, she responds with quasi-religious fervor:

She clearly does not understand that assuming the office of Vice-President is an important undertaking requiring basic knowledge of foreign policy and world events. That she would not so much as reflect on this decision that affects the future of the country is mind-boggling. And what's this "mission" she keeps talking about?

This is why we have an electoral college. If the people choose a President or Vice-President who is clearly unfit to lead, the electoral college has the ability, in extreme cases, to override that decision. Should Obama lose, this would be such a case. She cannot be allowed to take office.

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Cassady said...

"In what respect, Charlie?"


"I have no flipping idea what you just said."