29 August, 2008

A Tad Insulted

Sitting in between classes, I finished the Spanish homework due in a few hours and turned on the tele. On the same channel from the DNC last night, Fox News has now switched the focus to McCain. He has chosen governor or Alaska, Sarah Palin as his running mate.

I'm not amazed that A WOMAN could be a good choice, but the way that it has been presented. They have been talking and talking about the huge amount of Hilary supporters to be picked up...

**Side note** They now have what appears to be high school cheerleaders throwing out t-shirts to the Ohio crowd. Awesome!**

...the way that this has come across to me is that John McCain chose well to add a woman to the ticket because Hilary supporters will likely swing his and her way now. Really, just because she's a woman? Oh yes, that's right. Women don't care about issues; it's all about the SISTERHOOD! You go girl! (pick up on the sarcasm yet?)

And I know there is more to her being his running mate. This could all just be a brief burst of my personal emotions (you know how women are with their emotions..)


Elliot said...

I have thought for a while now that McCain would be smart to pick a woman. Not necessarily to "win" Hillary voters per se, but rather because McCain has to do something to shake things up a bit. If he just went with another old white governor, I think he would be doomed. He has to take a gamble, and I think the Palin pick is an (unfortunate) sign that McCain understands the corner he's in, a tied race notwithstanding.

And I'm not sure, Guadalupe, that there won't be a significant number of Hillary supporters that are tempted by this -- although I sure hope they see it as the crass bribe that it is.

spencer said...

It's a pretty odd choice, I think. I don't really see the upside for McCain. Everything that looks like an advantage has a flaw--

She's a woman, but pro-life, which is not going to help much with Hillary voters. She's evangelical, but used her first veto in office to ensure that gay partners would get benefits if they work for the state. She's pro-drilling, but also supported a windfall profits tax on oil companies. She's young, which counteracts McCain's age, but extremely inexperienced such that it is hard to imagine her taking the reins of the country in the somewhat likely event of McCain's demise.

So I'm not sure exactly what he's thinking...

Elliot said...

I still think its true that McCain had to take a risk, but as I read up on Palin (up until an hour ago the only thing I knew about her was that she was a beauty queen; thanks, Wonkette!) this doesn't exactly seem like the right risk.

The biggest drawback seems to be that it takes inexperience off the table for the McCain folks. Not that Obama will argue that she is inexperienced (although she is much more so even than the Bamanator) but that every time McCain tries to use that argument, the Obama people can neatly defuse it. Since most Republican policies are quite unpopular, I think the inexperience/ doubts about Bama's readiness would really be the key to a McCain victory. Why they would throw that advantage away, I have no idea.

Guadalupe said...

I agree with a lot of what you say, Spence, but what I thought was horrible was the fact that Fox New's coverage of it kept correlating her being a woman and the Hilary supporters to gain. Somehow those are so closely related for Fox.