26 August, 2008

Interesting Links

  • An article on the new wave of professional panhandlers. As I've noticed, the new thing is to say that you're going to spend the money on liquor and drugs. This tends to do well because it's funny. Of course, once this strategy becomes widespread I expect the excess returns will vanish. What will the next fad be? Perhaps environmentally-conscious "greenhandling" with recycled cardboard signs? As before, the best personal policy is just to respectfully decline panhandlers since you can always give your money to a soup kitchen or shelter where you know it will actually help people.
  • Tyler Cowen says that people aren't dogmatic enough because they selfishly care about being correct instead of zealously promoting ambitious new ideas that are probably wrong.
  • Paul Krugman reinforces the important point that we should really be paying attention to median income instead of mean income and by that measure, the Bush expansion was basically a long drought.
  • Krugman also likes Obama's negative attacks on McCain's "ten houses" comment. (But why did he have to get that dig on Biden into the column?) I think I have much less animus toward negative advertising than I once did.

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