12 August, 2008

A horrible disappointment...followed by a lack of posting...followed by a stunning success.

Jonathan Edwards. There I sat, thinking we finally have few people of conscience rising to the top, when reality comes up and says, "silly Boy Scout, morals are for lessons you hypocritically tell to your kids."

Everyone slips, I know. I'm just tired of every single one slipping. In my ideal dream world, people can just be up front about their fallibility and not be destroyed by it, but at the same time, the mistakes people make are more like misspelling Azerbaijan in a press release.

That said, I know we're all busy with moving and travelling and such, but geez, we are slacking on the comments. That said, here's a great recipe we tried the other day, and easy too!

Rice Salad with garbanzo beans and tomatoes:

2 1/2 c short-grain rice (we used wild rice)
1/4 c EVO
2 Tbl red wine vinegar
1/8 tsp Red pepper flakes
1 lb. cherry tomatoes, sliced (we halved ours)
3 c canned garbanzo beans, drained
1 bunch mint, torn+extra to garnish (we ommitted, thinking cilantro might be nice, or a variety of other spices)


Guadalupe said...

What Cassady didn't include in the recipe was that the EVOO, RW vinegar, and crushed pepper flakes are combined as a dressing and then mixed with the rice.

also, you can dash with some salt for a little extra flavor booster.

spencer said...

Don't worry, Obama is our infallible champion.