13 August, 2008


In a NYtimes opinion editorial called "Eight Strikes and You're Out," Tom Freidman surfaces something even worse than political attack ads.

He calls McCain out for not voting on an important bill "— S. 3335 — that would have extended the investment tax credits for installing solar energy and the production tax credits for building wind turbines and other energy-efficiency systems.
Both the wind and solar industries depend on these credits — which expire in December — to scale their businesses and become competitive with coal, oil and natural gas. Unlike offshore drilling, these credits could have an immediate impact on America’s energy profile."

But the real kicker is that this is not the first, second, fifth, or even seventh time, but the EIGHT time that McCain hasn't voted on this bill; a perfect record of not counting...or being unaccountable.

Barack has voted 3 times for this which isn't the perfect score either, but McCain was in the Senate one voting day and wouldn't leave his office. Unexceptable in my opinion. Give the vote to someone who will use it.

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Cassady said...

I love that McCain's attack line is really saying that filling up your tires properly doesn't work, more drilling is the only solution.

This just seals the deal. Why look at immediate and important solutions when we still have places to destroy for their natural resources?