29 July, 2008

McCain and Self-Parody

I've been searching for an outlet where I can express the self-parody that the conservative movement, the McCain campaign, and the mainsteam media have become. Finally, an answer in the form of this interview with John McCain. Here are some choice quotes, liberally taken out of context:
McCain on getting out of Iraq:

MCCAIN: We're not coming home in victory. We're coming home in victory.

McCain on timetables:
STEPHANOPOULOS: You shouldn't have used the word timetable.
MCCAIN: I didn't use the word timetable. That I did -- if I did...
STEPHANOPOULOS: [Quoting McCain:] "Well, it's a pretty good timetable."
MCCAIN: Oh, well, look. Anything is a good timetable that is dictated by conditions on the ground. Anything is good.
(Italics mine.)
McCain on nostalgia:
MCCAIN: I like six months, three months, two months. I like yesterday. I like yesterday, OK? That seems really good to me.

McCain on invading Iraq:
MCCAIN: I don't believe so. We were greeted as liberators.

McCain on cleanliness:
MCCAIN: I would declare that we will scrub every agency of government...

McCain on economists:
STEPHANOPOULOS: Not a single economist in the country said it'd work.

MCCAIN: Yes. And there's no economist in the country that knows very well the low-income American who drives the furthest, in the oldest automobile, that sometimes can't even afford to go to work.

McCain on oil companies absorbing the benefits of a gas tax:
STEPHANOPOULOS: How would you prevent that?

MCCAIN: We would make them shamed into it. We, of course, know how to -- American public opinion. And we would penalize them, if necessary. But they wouldn't. They would pass it on.

McCain on the current president of Russia:
MCCAIN: We need to improve their behavior. We need to make them realize that the G-8 was founded -- basically, countries that are democratic, have our values and our goals and shared principles. And President Putin and...

STEPHANOPOULOS: The former President Putin.

McCain on quotas for affirmative action:
MCCAIN: Yes, I do. I do not believe in quotas. But I have not seen the details of some of these proposals. But I've always opposed quotas.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But the one here in Arizona you support.

MCCAIN: I support it, yes.

Plenty more where those came from.


Elliot said...

Amazing. This is why I wish the press didn't focus so much on Obama -- if McCain's comments were scrutinized or even noticed more often, it would become clear just how little he understands, well, anything related to policy.

Cassady said...

Once again, Republicans are fantastic politicians, and excruciatingly poor governors.