02 June, 2008

Pants off to thee, Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent

One of my personal inspirations and a favorite in the realm of fashion designers to many, Yves Henri Donat Matheiu-Saint-Laurent died yesterday in Paris at age 71. The NYTimes did a nice article to remember some of his greatness.

He was truly a a boy-wonder in the fashion world, finding himself as the protege of the late Christian Dior at 21 years of age.
He believed in an evolution of fashion, not revolution. He started the House of Yves Saint Laurent, after he had left the House of Dior for military service (where he became depressed and hooked on psychiatric drugs and alcohol).

He took his line of cologne to new heights as he posed nude in the advertisement in 1971, and fought many battles over a perfume he called "Opium" (for those who are addicted to YSL), which the government thought was a promotion of drug use and trivialization of the Opium Wars of 19th Cent. China. He lived the glamorous life wherever he went. He decorated his houses with artwork of Picasso, Cocteau, Braque and Christian BĂ©rard, and shared the houses with one French bulldog after another, always named Moujik.

If you are still wondering why I chose DEBASER to give tribute to him, it is because he is single-handedly the reason that Eremita and I can participate in "No Pants Days" since he evolutionized the everyday wardrobe of women to include pants, often stating that "all a woman needed to be fashionable was a pair of pants, a sweater and a raincoat."

Farewell Monsieur, the fashion realm awaits a new genius to arise.


Elliot said...

I had no idea that you were so into the fashion world!

Guadalupe said...

That's what my life plan was focused completely around before the day I woke up and said, I think I'll study theology. I didn't want the business aspect to ruin any of my love for it so I've kept designing/sewing as a repose from my over analytical thought process in theology

But yes, from the age of 6 I thought I would be one of the greats of the fashion icons...someday maybe the dream will live.

Guadalupe said...
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Guadalupe said...
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Cassady said...

Don't you all wonder why I dress so well now? She would be the reason.

Guadalupe said...

Cassady, YSL was a man..

spencer said...

I think he meant you.