16 June, 2008

The McCain Policy Trilemma

Via Yglesias, McCain's new strategy to attract Clinton voters seems fundamentally flawed:

"I admire and respect her," McCain said of Clinton.

Aides suggested that McCain's support for a gas tax holiday, a hawkish foreign policy and steps against climate change would appeal to many women.
Unfortunately, these three goals can't coexist. A gas tax holiday is a step toward climate change, plays into the hands of our "enemies" in the Middle East, and it's hard to see how a global effort to deal with climate change and hawkish posturing against China could possibly coexist.

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Elliot said...

Exactly. In the words of Yglesias:

"climate change plays a key role in John McCain's political strategy -- he's trying to establish a position that's sufficiently contentless to let him continue to vacuum up vast sums of money from polluting interests, while also getting the press to report that he's broke with Bush on a major issue."

McCain has so far demonstrated that in the trade-off between effective action on climate change and the support of conservatives and energy interests, he wants to maintain the latter while making it look like he supports the former.