12 June, 2008

Digging, much?

I think Fox News reached a whole new level of absurd with this one, and I love it.


spencer said...

Apparently they're also referring to Michelle Obama as Barack's "Baby Mama", which is pretty objectionable for a lot of reasons.


Cassady said...

Wow, I hadn't heard that one.

I mean, they wouldn't honestly say that Michelle was the bearer of Obama's extra-marital babies if they actually new what the term meant, would they?

I see a lot of these kinds of attacks as very subtle jabs at African-American culture, and African-Americans in general. Criticizing Obama on the basis of his little habits smacks of we-have-nothing-better-to-report-about-so-we'll-manufacture-distracting-issues.

Eremita said...

I think it is pretty offensive, and you know...maybe the big news channels should consider hiring someone black and younger than 35 so they don't look completely stupid but... I also had the knee-jerk reaction of rolling my eyes and basically thinking, "MAN, adults are just so out of touch!"

I'm sure Obama would prefer that his little habits weren't the constant subject of "but what does it MEAN?" Given that they are, however, maybe he's getting something out of it with the reactions of annoyance on the part of the black and young communities.