29 May, 2008

Rules and Bylaws

The Rules and Bylaws Committee will soon meet to determine the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegates. Marc Ambinder points out that if the DNC does allow the delegates they'll lose the credibility required to enforce a coherent primary calendar in 2012 and beyond. If states know that their delegates will be seated anyway, they'll move up their primaries. I had been wavering on whether or not to allow those delegates--they won't make a difference anymore--but this argument trumps any ambivalence I had before. If they are eventually allowed, they must be neutered.

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Cassady said...

I agree completely. The rules plainly state what the automatic punishment for any rules violation is, and Senator Clinton's current push to seat the delegates fully is just plain silly, not to mention disingenuous considering her support of the decision when she was far on top. Of course she wants all the delegates seated, it helps her look less doomed than she actually is: completely.

At least, as I understand it, there will(ought) to be a 50% delegate reduction. I believe the commitee has the reason and right to take them all away.

Without a revote in which Obama's name appears on the ballot, I don't think they can in good conscience seat those delegates.

Then again, I am an Obama supporter, and kind of an elitist...damn this is a good latte...