20 May, 2008

Pure speculation

Great piece by George Packer in this week's New Yorker on the modern conservative movement's epic rise and fall. He follows the politics of the movement from its origins in the writings of Buckley and Goldwater's quixotic run for the Presidency to the divisive tactics of Nixon and Buchanan who put together the coalition that guaranteed the Republicans many years of power, through the reign of Reagan, who used that coalition to enact the conservative agenda, and finally down to the depths of the unequivocally failed Bush administration.

My favorite quote from the Packer article:

As we started to leave, Frum smiled. “One of Buckley’s great gifts was the gift of timing,” he said. “To be twenty-five at the beginning and eighty-two at the end! But I’m forty-seven at the end.”
Perhaps, just perhaps, we are twenty-three at the beginning of a new political chapter in American history.

(Sorry, that was a ridiculous sentence, but I can't help but remember that Fourth Turning generational bullshit. Remember, Elliot?)

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Cassady said...

Damn that was well-written...

...More to come.