15 May, 2008

It's all about taking the easy way out for you, I suppose

Ezra Klein posts on whether Barack Obama is the easy way out of our nations problems:

We have, as a nation, admitted that we have a problem, but not necessarily that we had a role in creating it. Part of Edwards’ mission was to shepherd us to that understanding. Much of Barack Obama’s appeal is in his willingness to let us skip it. Obama’s path is a quicker road to unity, and last night, Edwards recognized that. The question is what, if anything, we will lose in taking the shortcut.
I'm extremely skeptical of this kind of mass psychologizing. To anthropomorphize the American people as some kind of mental patient and the President as therapist (or the people as sinner and candidate as redeemer?) is to create a national narrative that explains far too much and suggests a way out of our problems far too promptly.

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