31 May, 2008

Hillary descends into alcoholic spiral of doom and wins the heart, if not the mind, of our own Elliot

Courtesy of the New York Times:

After an event Wednesday night in Rapid City, Senator Clinton added a notch to her belt on the drinking-war front when she strode to the back of her plane nursing a generous tumbler of amber-colored liquid. The substance was the subject of much debate among the press corps, but no one had the nerve to ask the candidate directly.

Bourbon, it turned out. (Makers Mark, specified Jay Carson, a campaign spokesman.)


Fernando Suarez, a reporter for CBS News who has been traveling with Mrs. Clinton’s campaign since October, asked her if she had ever been to Mount Rushmore before her visit there earlier in the day. Mrs. Clinton said she in fact had.

“Before you were born,” she added, looking at Mr. Suarez, who is 29, and noting that “I did a lot of things before you were born.”

She swirled the bourbon in her glass and nodded mischievously.

“And thank god you weren’t around,” Mrs. Clinton continued. “Or I wouldn’t have enjoyed any of them.”


Elliot said...

Yes, and lucky for Sen. Clinton, neither did she have Facebook. And I do admire the woman her straight Bourbon.

In related news, I sampled a $40 tequila last night. As in $40 a glass. Not for margaritas, that.

Guadalupe said...

I pray you didn't pay that much, but was it worth it?

Elliot said...

No, no, it was newly ordered at the (fairly high end - George Stephanopolous ate dinner there last night) bar at which I am the tender. The boss had us all try a taste of it.

It was incredibly delicate and smooth. And, it was 145 proof, which makes its smoothness more impressive. But, honestly, I can't tell you that I would tell the difference between that sip and a sip of, say, $20 glass of tequila.

Guadalupe said...

oh the joys of tending bar.

Cassady said...

Back in the day, when I was a bartender at a prestigious little brewpub...

Well, I drink a lot of good beer anyway, so I don't really have a point to make. Sorry.