29 May, 2008

Full disclosure

Just so y'all know, in case there is anyone I haven't told, this summer I will be employed by the Obama campaign. (Well, employed is a bit strong of a word...exploited for my cheap labor may be more accurate.)

My work organizing for Obama should present, in the spirit of the campaign itself, a great opportunity to blog about the political process from the ground up. I'll definitely be putting up photos and descriptions of the whole thing, where interesting and appropriate. But while I want to use debaser to explore and explain what I think is a historic presidential campaign, I don't want to turn it (or my posts, at least) into simply an echo chamber for the campaign's talking points.

So this is just full disclosure that Senator Obama is no longer simply my preferred candidate, but also my boss. I don't think I have to worry too much about losing my "objectivity" (which is long gone) but rather about slipping into dogmatism. Thus, I suppose, the pseudonymous nature of our blog -- when I disagree with my boss, I don't have to pull any punches. But, you know, keep me honest.

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