06 May, 2008

Divorced from Reality

I'm watching Hillary's "victory" speech. It's unbelievably removed from the facts of her situation. She says "full speed ahead to the White House" because she won Indiana (which hasn't been officially called by any network yet.)

And she repeated her call for a gas tax holiday this summer, which Tim Russert, among others, is blaming for her poor showing tonight.

But she'll win West Virginia and Kentucky and this will go on.

UPDATE: Equally divorced from reality is Andrew Sullivan, who writes:

As her speech staggers on, after the gas tax holiday gambit, and a plea for Burma, she eventually turns to Florida and Michigan. You almost want to look away. But it's fascinating in a way. She cannot concede; she cannot give an inch; she cannot acknowledge reality. Observing sociopaths in close detail as their world collapses around them and they cannot absorb the truth is always fascinating. And yet some sliver of humanity is discernible: her tone is altered. Even she cannot fake enthusiasm or confidence any more. And Bill seems grim. Chelsea seemed close to breaking into tears.


Cassady said...

Hillary's only reality at this point is that she's trying to hold on and put out positive images of herself until the convention, when only some miraculous event would gain her the nomination.

Elliot said...

I will say it was a difficult spot to give a speech in, without knowing the results of Indiana. So it seems like she kind of threw a concession speech and a victory speech together as she went along.

I think right now, honestly, it may be all about the VP spot for her. I think she's probably wrestling with which tack to take: offer to drop out within the next week in exchange for the veep slot, or try to rack up margins in WV and Kentucky in order to scare 'Bama into thinking he can't unite the party without her on the ticket.

spencer said...

I can't imagine Obama giving her the VP slot. Andrew Sullivan would say that to do so is to put his life in danger--I'm not that cynical about the Clintons, however. But I do think that he will find a politician who at least represents the same values that he has expressed throughout the campaign. Maybe Bill Richardson? Here's to hoping.

Cassady said...

I still like John Edwards...whatever happened to him besides remaining decidely ambiguous during the NC primary?

spencer said...

I like ol' Johnny too, but I doubt he would take the veep slop again.

Elliot said...

Yeah, I think Richardson would be a good choice. He'd also make a great Secretary of State.

Janet Napolitano is another very popular southwestern governor that I've hear mentioned, and or someone like Jim Webb from the great state of Virginia. I don't think Obama would choose Hillary, either, but it may be what she's hoping for.

I've never been super enthusiastic about Edwards, although I like him. I think Obama can do better - specifically, like with Hillary, I think it would undercut his message to have a running mate that voted for the war.

Cassady said...

Good point. I've been a little close-minded about who I think about...meaning that I guess I didn't really consider that there are a wealth of good candidates for him to choose from.