25 May, 2008

Beer, beer, beer!

Regarding our previous discussion with Brewmaster Cassady on the merits of the pilsner, I thought I should share a fun beer-related resource: the Times Topics Beer Navigator. Now, I am not one to look to the Gray Lady for my cultural referents -- I don't care much for fashion or theatre, and I only rarely find the time to savor movie or literature reviews. That said, I am one to greedily stalk its Food and Dining section, reveling in the gorgeous, interactive culinary content from all corners of the Earth.

So I recommend some time looking around the Navigator. I'm just beginning to poke around its contents, myself, and I've already spotted what will surely amount to hours of edifying entertainment. There is a blog list that directs you to 15+ beer sites around the web and hundreds of articles on everything from the impact of different casks to an internship for aspiring brew-masters. There is video and other interactive content on such topics as German home brews, American wheat beers, touring the Czech Republic's ancient breweries, farmhouse ales from around the world, and, yes, a comparison of American and European pilsners. There is, in short, a wealth of material to inspire both awe at the creative powers of our species and Cassady's next beer column.


Guadalupe said...

Cassady and I are looking to start another brew fairly soon since the most recent two were less than desired. We're taking preferences for an August reunion.

Oh, and ask him what the best name for a beer is.

spencer said...

I'd love to see Cassady's take on a really big IPA. But I may be alone on that front...

Eremita said...

I also am a fan of IPAs, though I must add on the subject of beers, that over the Memorial Day Weekend I had a Dortmunder of such surprising excellence that I am interested in pursuing such beers in the future.

Cassady, you would have loved the little brewpub where I found this tasty beer - it's a well-patroned Princeton establishment by the name of Triumph, where the tanks are visible through the glass walls behind the bar, and where they let you try a 3oz spread of all their products on tap before you settle on your favorite.

Elliot said...

I'm with you, Spence. IPA has grown to be one of my fall-back favorites on the East Coast. My bread and butter if you will (at least when shopping at Safeway). I really love the Sierra Nevada (the only one thats at our corner store).

Cassady said...

Fear naught, compatriots, for we have since aquired the capacity to brew multiple batches at nearly simultaneous rates.

I'm pretty well set on doing an IPA, for which I will most likely enlist the aid of a certain brew shop owner with whom I am well acquainted to ensure quality.

For the other, I think I'm feeling a Baltic Porter, along the lines of the Lithuanian Utenos of which my beloved is so fond. That decision may ultimately rest with her.

I have heard of the Triumph, and I long to sample the splendor of their spread!

Dortmunder's have also gained my respect of late, and old standby is the Great Lakes Brewing Co's Dortmunder Gold, brewed in Cleveland, and available locally--very good stuff. The younger Fleishman was fortunate enough to happen upon a pack of this tasty lager some days ago.

I was going to post about some Dunkel-Weizen's, but I'm waiting until I can put some real time into it. Until then, prosit!

spencer said...

An IPA and a porter? Heaven!