26 April, 2008

Some things are just so cheap and good that you have to blog about them.

For those of us in Bos-Wash, I present BoltBus. Free wi-fi and A/C outlets for every seat. The fares appear to all be between $5 and $15, I have found N.Y.C.-Philadelphia fares for $1.




Elliot said...

Yeah, apparently there is a sliding price scale. The first however many people to buy tickets get them for $1, then the next group for $5 and so on up until the bus is full. Seems cool to me, although someone who has lived in the area for a while was trying to burst my bubble at a party recently. He was telling me all these horror stories about BoltBus, how the internet didn't work, how they never were on schedule...etc. Can it be worse than Chinatown? I suppose we'll just have to see.

spencer said...

I mean, I just bought a one-way Amtrak ticket to Philly for $76. Amtrak is never on time either.