03 April, 2008

Resolved I shall be!

Turning to a little more local news that my expatriot comrades may not be aware of:

April 1st was voting day in La Crosse. With Supreme Court seats and School Board referendums dominating what little publicity there was, another referendum slipped its way in there, leaving young and old alike squinting to properly read the tiny words on the ballot.

The problem with this situation, is that this one referendum was intended to single-handedly clean up Wisconsin politics, and I don't think anyone knew about it.

Oh, the gubernatorial partial veto. What a power! Imagine, with the stroke of a pen, "the State of Wisconsin shall not allocate funds to..." changes ever-so-subtlely to "the State of Wisconsin shall allocate funds to..."

Or how quickly $1,500,000 can become $500,000.

I'm refering, obviously, to the governor's ability to form entirely new clauses and sentences by the veto of a single word or digit.

The specific wording of the referendum escapes me, but it was the standard "be it resolved that..." jargon. What the State of Wisconsin has (thankfully) decided, is that the Governor is no longer allowed to be a sneaky SOB. Tommy Thompson was the master of this technique, Jim Doyle also exercising the power, but perhaps with less gusto. Of course, this issue arises in the State legislature now that the executive power has switched partisans...


1 comment:

Elliot said...

It sounds like a sick joke waiting to happen to have voting on April 1st.

But otherwise, that sounds like a very good reform. It should increase transparency and decrease capriciousness. Any word yet if it passed?