08 April, 2008

Professor Obama takes Condi to school

For those who still believe Obama lacks either a factual or intuitive grasp of U.S. foreign policy, check out this video. From Condoleezza Rice's 2005 confirmation hearing, Obama comes out looking like the more qualified candidate for Secretary of State:

As the Jed Report (who dug up the video) says, "This is the Barack Obama we love -- intellectual and sincere, respectful but uncompromising." (hat tip to Sullivan)


spencer said...

Awesome. I do think that this also displays Condi's intelligence--at least she's able to make an argument.

Elliot said...

Yeah, the title of the post is a bit derogatory, but I did not mean to imply that Condi is not also quite intelligent and articulate. I just think this displays Obama's ability to address significant disagreement through precise and thoughtful language, while still respecting the intellectual sincerity of his opponent.

higgy said...

Yglesias post on the liberal worldview,


..ties in with this very well, I think.

higgy said...


the following should be appended to that link:


And this is a quote that sums up what I mean:

"Liberal internationalist willingness to use force abroad should, following the above, be constrained by ideas about legitimacy. The currently prevailing ideology in the United States holds that, in essence, we have a right to use force unilaterally against countries whose WMD or human rights policies we don't like, but no other country has this right and we have no need to apply the same standard to different countries. The liberal sees that this is incoherent and unworkable, and though agreeing that the United States rightly concerns itself with WMD and human rights issues in foreign countries, thinks these need to be dealt with through some kind of reasonable legal, procedural, and institutional frameworks -- the U.N. Security Council, the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the IAEA, etc., etc., -- and that flaws in these frameworks should be dealt with through good-faith efforts to improve the frameworks rather than to cast them aside. The general idea is that American power should be used in way that's sustainable rather than threatening to the rest of the world, because it gives adequate deference to the fact that other countries have their own interests and perspectives."