04 March, 2008

O Captain My Captain!

It seems that Favre is set to retire. If this is true (and it appears there is still legitimate space to hope that it is not) there is really very little to say that isn't unbearably cliché (the Best Ever, the quintessential Gunslinger), unbearably understated (he gave a lot of people a good show) or (already) unbearably bittersweet (how close to another Super Bowl!).


Eremita said...

Favre! You made even me like football.

Elliot said...

Now that is a good tribute.

spencer said...

"To me he's an ironman," seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong said after speaking at an anti-smoking rally in Wisconsin's capital. "He was around a long time. He played hard the whole time. He worked hard the whole time. He inspired and encouraged his team the whole time. He played through pain, he played through losses."