18 March, 2008

The man on the street

Some of you may have already seen these videos, but I just stumbled across them yesterday. In the first one, an interviewer is roaming the crowd outside of the Kodak theatre in LA, where Clinton and Obama were set to debate. He happens on this young Obama supporter, and begins to aggressively question him, apparently expecting the archetypal Obamite: star-struck, naive, regurgitator of fluffy platitudes. Amusingly, the first guy he came across was actually a well informed and unusually eloquent spokesperson:

Spurred by the attention and feedback he was receiving after his response became popular on YouTube, he decided to record what he calls his "Emotional Response", which lays out in a bit more scripted fashion the promise that he sees in the Obama candidacy:

All this -- more than a million views and a writeup in the New York Times -- due to a chance encounter with a pushy journalist. All I can say is, I'm glad it wasn't me.

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Eremita said...

A little quote from the NYTimes article, in case you didn't read it:

"Speaking of subverting expectations, three of the dozen most popular videos on YouTube this month are about Barack Obama, not Paris or Lindsay or Britney. Many long-held beliefs are taking a beating during this election, chief among them the idea that if you want to connect with young people, you’d best keep it short, funny and stupid."