09 February, 2008

Need to get some links out of my system

  • Jeff Frankel, economist and Swarthmore alumnus extraordinaire, has a blog. His first post, about how Glenn Beck ambushed him is entertaining, and his second post is about how you can go from a $25,000 job to a $35,000 job and lose money because our welfare state is irrationally constructed.

  • Bryan Caplan asks an interesting question.

  • See the "letter from America" by Angus Deaton in this British economics newsletter. Deaton asks, when you are weighing the costs of climate change, how much you discount future costs? British economists think that future costs should count just as much as current costs. American economists think that you should the discount factor that people actually use in their personal calculations. It turns out that if you use that latter in your calculation, global warming is not the biggest problem facing us.

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