11 February, 2008

Keep her in it to win it

Is Rush Limbaugh's new slogan:

So, as you know, if you were here from yesterday, I have listened carefully to what the Republican Party's strategy is for defeating Mrs. Clinton, and it is this. They are going to rely on the hatred and the loathing for Mrs. Clinton, the fear of Mrs. Clinton, to rally Republicans and conservatives to vote against her. Rather than offer genuine leadership from our own party, they're going to rely on your hatred, your disgust, your loathing, and your fear for Mrs. Clinton to rally you to the Republican side and Senator McCain just to keep her out of the White House. So I thought, being loyal to the party here to show that there are no hard feelings over anything, I was going to help that prospect along. I was going to do a fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton. I even came up with a slogan: "Keep Her In It So We Can Win It."

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