15 February, 2008

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

Harold and Kumar have had their fill at White Castle...


Elliot said...

Is this a real movie?!?! It looks amazing..."Rob Corrdry as...the Powerful White Guy..."

I have a feeling there might be some backlash regarding that portrayal the Guantanamo "too comfortable" Hilton.

Guadalupe said...

It is a real movie, and if it is as hilarious as the trailer I will actually pay money to see it in a theatre (which is HUGE if you know how cheap I am).

I had the tele on this morning and overheard about a new Harold and Kumar movie... and then the word Guantanamo. So, I checked it out and laughed for a good bit before trying to figure out how to share it on here.

You're probably right that something un-hoped for will come about, but oh well, as long as it does well in the box-office, right? (read sarcastic voice into that last line)